Pony Fingerboards

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Pony Fingerboards!

Brand new to the Techy Cutie shop is our first wave of Pony Finger skateboard toys.

There are 8 characters in total for wave 1 so be sure to collect them all!

The board is constructed from 5 layers of maple wood with alloy trucks and bearing spun wheels.

Included in the box: 1 Piece of pre cut foam grip tape, 1 skate tool with a socket wrench and screw driver.

Care Instuctions:

Avoid all contact with water as this can warp the wood and rust the wheel bearings.

Avoid excessive slamming force when performing tricks as bearing wheels are more delicate then the more common solid plastic finger skateboard wheels.

Take extra care to not over loosen the trucks and nuts as we do not really have an infrastructure to replace any lost parts.

Please take extra care in applying the foam grip tape.

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