Enamel Pins Wave 1

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Enamel Pins! Were originally part of our Kickstarter campaign, now available here on our store! New designs will be happening later in 2020 as well as restocks of these in the future. Size starts at 1.75 inches and varies by pin design.

All pins sold are at least of Standard grade which we consider AT LEAST 86% perfect.  That said we strive to do our best to make sure the highest quality grade pins are sent out first.

That said it is entirely possible a pin with less than a standard grade quality can be sent out due to the sheer number of pins that we send out and our inability to currently (COVID) hire additional help to fulfil shop orders.  TLDR; sometimes we miss a defect going through hundreds of pins.

If you believe you have received a less then standard grade quality pin please email customer support so we can either get you a replacement or a partial refund to bring the cost of a pin down to that of a B Grade quality Pin.

Use code "PONY" at checkout for 15% off ANY 3 or more pins! Due to the volume of orders, we cannot fix any orders with forgotten codes.

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