Welcome to the new Techycutie Shop!!

Hello all and welcome!!
You may have noticed a few changes here and there with the shop layout and design. As of today we will be moving forward on all the plans we had to hold back on as a result of covid shutdowns.
Our new logo was made to represent my love of gaming as well as my 2D forms. I hope you like it! I wanted something that could represent my brand as a whole and my new "Anime and Gaming" category on the site. 
The "Pony Collection" Variant logo will still be present on all Pony related merch.
Starting August 2021 going forward conventions will be returning.
We will be making an appearance at a few conventions. You can find my whole convention schedule over here!

There will be a lot of new things coming starting in August!
We hit Partner on Twitch and to celebrate will will be having a HUGE party on August 20th, which is also my 1 Year Vtuber anniversary and Birthday!
There will be special limited edition merch including a new Techy enamel pin!
I'll be updating the news page here with all shop updates including production updates as we hear back from our manufacturers.

Next update will be about the Pin pre-orders for Trixie, Miku Pony, and the Jumbo Story series pin.
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