Just some general updates for shipping after Black Friday and Storytime Pin delays

Hello everyone!
Just coming in with a general store update. To start, most of the pin pre-order packages were just dropped off today with the exception of some international ones. Since the 2 pins were combined into 1 package and most people paid for 3 shipments we'll be sending out refunds for the shipping soon. As for black Friday orders, we got a lot of them we are currently packaging them to be sent out ASAP please bear in mind there is only myself and my shop assistant. We've also noticed a couple of packages that seem to be stuck in in transit or have not received updated tracking numbers are we are trying to get to the bottom of that. This could be due to many factors such as the holiday last week or just general current holiday season delays.

Keep in mind that holiday delays are very bad right now, especially international orders. Please make sure to order things you plan to gift before December 4th.
I WILL BE OUT OF TOWN DECEMBER 16-19TH and there will be no items shipped during that time. You can buy things in person from me that weekend at Trotcon but keep in mind not all things may be in stock especially Limited Edition Items. 

For the 5 inch Story Time Series pin, it took some creativity but after negotiation we were able to pull out of the order from the previous manufacturer and we have now handed off the pin to be made by a different factory so we hope production on that pin can finally begin productions after months of delays.
Our issue before was the factory kept shutting down and was pushed back in the queue and I honestly just can't watch it get pushed back any longer when we've been waiting for so long. 
I apologize for the long wait.
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